Kuali OLE Monthly Update for Partners – April 2013


Active teams

Deliver (Lead SME: Stuart Miller)

○ Testing of circulation features in 0.8

○ Necessary configuration of circulation policies in the test environment proved to be complex and more time-consuming than anticipated

○ Acceptance criteria requires setup of prerequisite conditions which were very time-consuming to establish

○ Testing hampered by slow system response times (subsequently improved somewhat)

○ Numerous bugs reported and fixes incorporated

Describe/Manage (Lead SME: Mechael Charbonneau)

○ Testing of cataloging features in 0.8; bugs were reported and fixes put in place

○ Reviewed specifications targeted for 1.0 and participated in 1.0 scoping discussions

Select & Acquire (Lead SME: Carlen Ruschoff)

○ Tested version 0.8 code to ensure successful coding and execution of the functional specs;

○ Reviewed version 1.0 specs and proposed FC a realignment of scope between version 1.0 and 1.5 Select & Acquire specs;

○ Assigned version 1.0 functional specs to team members for development. Reviewed and approved all functional specs associated with PO and Requisition Enhancements;

○ Reorganized the E-Acquisitions Team into subgroups for agility in spec development;

○ Began a series of training sessions on the basic functionality of KFS to identify existing features that could be leveraged in OLE.

System Integration/Infrastructure (Lead SME: Chris Case)

○ Testing of features in 0.8 including bulk record export and RESTful web services

○ Consolidation of specs for circulation web services and my account APIs.

○ Submitted spec for review on the design of the NCIP Connector for the XC Toolkit

○ Submitted spec for review for a use of local identifier for all OLE Records

Technical Council (Lead: Patty Mescher/Tod Olson)

○ To address performance problems with the Docstore, a proof-of-concept RDBMS backend was designed and implemented for bibs, holdings and items. Initial load & index with 6M bibs and corresponding holdings and items showed better than a 10-fold speedup over the original backend. We proceed with estimates for integrating this new design into OLE.

○ At the request of QA, TC drafted a Browser Support Statement.

Implementation Team (Lead: Frances McNamara)

HTC provided an overview of best practices for the group via webex. (Vivantech had done so previously). With tentative schedules for 1.0 and 1.5, the group will meet to share information on where Chicago and Lehigh are in planning and discuss what should be done when in light of the software development schedule.


Coding Update

(Changes can be reviewed in the Test Environment: http://tst.ole.kuali.org/portal.jsp)

Throughout the month of April, as OLE has been deep into QA testing, coding efforts have focused on correcting reported bugs. Some highlights of this effort are mentioned below. More detailed information can be reviewed on the OLE wiki pages:

Friday April 5th                Friday April 19th

Friday April 11th              Friday April 26th


Select and Acquire:

● Some changes to licensing have been made to standardize maintenance documents and correct some fields that stick around after being deleted or appear blank after being changed.

● Developers have added or edited error messages on several Select and Acquire screens and made other user interface modifications.

● Work has also been done to iron out staff uploads and PURAP documents.


● We had visibility issues using Firefox and Chrome in some of the Rice 2 (LS) screens, affecting several patron interfaces but these have been corrected.

● Circulation work has become easier with user interface changes. Bugs have been fixed for fast add cataloging, returning nonstandard materials, and due dates.

● Labeling changes have also been made to several patron maintenance documents.


● Browser issues affected some of the Describe screens as mentioned above (also on the Rice 2, LS menu). These have been corrected.

● Issues with the editors’ displays have been corrected, particularly for the Holdings and Items.

● Browsing by call number continues to be updated to reflect the needs of various classification systems.

System Integration:

● Reintroduction of missing links was completed.

● Efforts continued to support the other modules.


Kuali OLE in the news:

● Mellon Grant Awarded to NISO to Encode EResource License Templates in ONIXPL


Current release: 0.6 (May 2012)

● Demo: http://demo.ole.kuali.org/oledemo/portal.jsp

● Drivers Manual:  https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/OLE+0.6+Milestone+User+Documentation

Next scheduled release: 0.8 (Q2 2013)

● Road map: http://www.kuali.org/ole/Timeline

● Technical details of 0.8 release to date [requires a KIS account]: https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/OLE+Project+Manager+Page


Website: http://www.kuali.org/ole/

Blog: http://kualiole.tumblr.com/

Recent presentations: http://www.kuali.org/ole/presentations

Wiki : https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/Home

● Note: some sections will require a KIS account

● OLE 101: https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/Getting+Started+with+OLE++OLE+101

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