Kuali OLE Monthly Update for Partners – June 2013

Active teams

  • Deliver (Lead SME: Stuart Miller)

◦Provided documentation for 0.8 circulation functions and an overview of the module for circulation librarians

◦Completed testing of various 0.8 features

◦In conjunction with Core Team, finalized Deliver features/functions/bug fixes for version 1.0

  ◦Began to identify features/functions for version 1.5 and which ones needed additional functional requirements

  • Select & Acquire (Lead SME: Carlen Ruschoff)

◦Finalized functional 1.0 specifications for P.O and requisition enhancements, the e-resource record, receiving enhancements, and invoice specifications

◦Instituted a weekly spec “hand-off” meeting with HTC to discuss in detail spec the specification documents

◦Met with HTC to work out batch import profiles, processes, and the user interface

  • GOKb (Lead:: Kristin Antelman)

◦GOKb has been set up in the Kuali environment (http://gokb.kuali.org/gokb/) with initial data loaded. Contact the GOKb team for login.

◦Work on the UI is beginning.


Coding Update

(Changes can be reviewed in the Test Environment: http://tst.ole.kuali.org/portal.jsp )

In June, development began on the 1.0 coding efforts. There were a few bugs and enhancements from each module that were fixed. You may review them on the June 19 wiki page, however most of the development for this month was done behind the scenes:

• OLE was upgraded to Rice 2.2.5 and Java 7.

• The DocStore has incorporated an RDBMS repository to improve performance.

• Plans for unifying OLE’s interfaces are on their way (The Rice 2, library system, tab will be combined with the financial system).

• Coding efforts have begun on many of the 1.0 specifications but these have not yet been promoted to the OLE test environment.

Kuali OLE in the news:

• Kuali OLE 0.8




• EBSCO/OLE partnership










• Integration at Enterprise Scale – Student, Library, Learning and Research Systems


• Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) 2013: Functionality, Integration and Discovery



Current release: 0.8 (June 2013)

• Demo: http://demo.ole.kuali.org/portal.jsp

• Drivers Manual: https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/OLE+0.8+Milestone+User+Documentation

Next scheduled release: 1.0 (Q4 2013)

• Road map: http://www.kuali.org/ole/Timeline

• Technical details of 1.0 release to-date [requires a KIS account]: https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/OLE+Project+Manager+Page


Website: http://www.kuali.org/ole/

Blog: http://kualiole.tumblr.com/

Recent presentations: http://www.kuali.org/ole/presentations

Wiki : https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/Home

• Note: some sections will require a KIS account

• OLE 101: https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/Getting+Started+with+OLE+-+OLE+101

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