Kuali OLE Monthly Update for Partners – August 2013

Active teams

Deliver (Lead SME: Stuart Miller)

○ Began 1.0 QA testing

○ 1.0 documentation requirements sent out

○ Review of 1.5 scope

Describe (Lead SME: Mechael Charbonneau)

○ 1.0 QA testing was the group’s primary focus during the month

○ Continued our efforts to complete 1.5 functional specifications

Select & Acquire (Lead SME: Carlen Ruschoff)

○ Focused on completing the 1.5 specs

○ Began testing 1.0 coding

○ Assigned responsibilities for drafting 1.0 documentation

System Integration/Infrastructure (Lead SME: Chris Case)

○ Began 1.0 QA testing

○ Finalized ARS (automated retrieval system) spec for Chicago & NCSU system

○ Revisited request to remove CDATA sections from bib import and export process

○ Began discussion on ideal bootstrap environment; one being a clean, plain bootstrap and another to include a minimal data set for demonstration and evaluation

Consortia Team (Leads: Chris Case, Rachel Schipper, Carlen Ruschoff)

○ Met with GOKb Kristin Antelman to discuss consortia implications

○ Began 2.0 scope and contributed to Year 4 Mellon draft

Cross Module Team (Lead: TBD)

○ Collaborated on the user interface and profile creation for the batch process, import and export functions

○ Provided recommendation on OLE terminology including the use import rather than ingest, and confirming the module names of Deliver, Describe, and Select & Acquire

Coding Update

(Changes can be reviewed in the Test Environment: http://tst.ole.kuali.org/portal.do)

In August, OLE entered a coding freeze, the QA period began and many bugs have been corrected. More detailed information of completed tasks can be reviewed on the OLE wiki pages:

August 1st, 2013                          August 21st, 2013

August 13th, 2013                       August 30th, 2013


Select and Acquire:

● Completed coding on updates to Import: EDIFACT files populate OLE’s Invoice, fund checking during the import process, and additional updates have been made to create/match OLE Instance records during batch importing.

● Purchase Orders and Requisitions enhancements include: Staff can attach an existing bib record to a line item instead of creating new each time, modifications to required fields simplify the order process.

● Serial Receiving, OLE’s Invoice document to manage many purchase orders to one invoice, and the E-Instance Record to support library’s electronic resources have all been created.

● Receiving improvements include location changes for multi-copy, multi-part items and a “pay” button has been added to OLE’s receiving queue to allow staff to pay but not receive items.


● Roles and permissions have been added to allow each library to be as flexible with staff permissions as they so choose.

● Circulation Calendars allow each library to set their own open/closed dates and hours for circulation policies.


● The MARC editor 1.0 enhancements are nearly completed and modifications to the OLE Instance (Holding and Item) editor include a copy number field and locations can be edited at the item level.

● OLE’s DocStore displays links that read item call numbers instead of nonspecific terms such as “item 1”.

● In 0.8, a bib had to have at least one OLE Instance, and an OLE Instance had to have at least one item. Now OLE allows bibs to have holdings and/or items or neither.

System Integration:

● Local identifiers for all records within the DocStore have been incorporated and are searchable in OLE.

● Coding has been completed to export single or batch records to Discovery Layers and other utilities.


Kuali OLE in the news:

● EBSCO, KUALI FOUNDATION PARTNER. (2013). Advanced Technology Libraries, 42(8), 5.

Current release: 0.8 (June 2013)

● Demo: http://demo.ole.kuali.org/portal.jsp

● Drivers Manual: https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/OLE+0.8+Milestone+User+Documentation

Next scheduled release: 1.0 (Q4 2013)

● Road map: http://www.kuali.org/ole/Timeline  (Updated in August)

● Technical details of 1.0 release to-date [requires a KIS account]:  https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/OLE+Project+Manager+Page 

Website: http://www.kuali.org/ole/

Blog: http://kualiole.tumblr.com/

Recent presentations: http://www.kuali.org/ole/presentations

Wiki : https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/Home

● Note: some sections will require a KIS account

 ● OLE 101: https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/Getting+Started+with+OLE++OLE+101

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