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Tips & tricks for web page creators: Permalinks!

With the onset of the new academic year, you may be busily creating bibliographies, pathfinders, class pages, etc. for your students. You may find that you want to link to an individual bibliographic record for a print item (or something else you’ve found in IUCAT). Or, you want to give your users a link for a particular search in order to jumpstart their research.

Did you know that the “new, improved” OneSearch@IU (powered by EBSCO Discovery Service) offers some very nice permalink options? These can make your life (and the lives of the students and faculty you serve) easier!

To find the permalink for an individual item:
• Search for the item in OneSearch
• You will see a “Tools” menu in the right-hand column; select “Permalink”
• The permalink will open in a window just above the item record. Copy and paste it into your web page or document.
• You can shorten this long link by using IU’s official URL shortener, go.iu!

To create a permalink for a search:
• Execute your search in OneSearch
• On the search results page, in the red bar just above the results list, you will see “Alert/Save/Share” – click on this
• From here you can copy the permalink, or create an alert to notify you of new results via email or RSS feed. You can also share via Twitter, Facebook, or other services.
• Again, you can shorten the permalink by using go.iu!
• Note that when a user clicks on this link, OneSearch will re-execute the search, so they may see new results.

These permalinks will route users through our proxy server, so if they are off-campus they will be prompted to log in. After logging in they will be able to access subscription resources as usual. If you want to provide a permalink to an IUCAT item and make it accessible to those who are not affiliated with IU, you will need to use the permalink option within IUCAT.

If you have questions, please send them to DUX at

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