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New databases for April

The following list represents new subscription databases added to the Resource Gateway from April 1 – 30 (and some for which the vendor has changed). You may wish to add one or more of these to your subject pages. If … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality a Reality

Earlier this month Google gave the world a sneak peak of Project Glass, the newest creation to come out of the company’s top-secret Google X lab. Project Glass is an augmented reality system worn much like a pair of glasses … Continue reading

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My Favorite App – ERS: Emergency Response and Salvage

I ran across an interesting app recently: ERS: Emergency Response and Salvage. The iTunes description reads, “Based on Heritage Preservation’s Emergency Response & Salvage Wheel, a well-respected cultural heritage protection tool, the Emergency Response and Salvage app outlines critical stages … Continue reading

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The Facts About FAQs

There are many different ways that libraries can provide help and guidance to patrons in finding the information they’re seeking online. Web 2.0 applications, such as wikis and blogs, have become increasingly popular for this purpose. These tools deliver information … Continue reading

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Library App

Today cell phones with their huge capabilities are not only a communication tool, but it’s also a source of information and knowledge. With development of touch screen cell phones mobile apps are becoming spread and highly usable. People install apps … Continue reading

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The Most Basic Interface

Here at DUX we are often concerned with the interface the user is presented with.  Usually, this involves the on-screen interface presented in a web browser.  However, we should also consider that the user is usually interacting with that interface … Continue reading

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UX as Cereal

I’m not a huge fan of infographics – it is way too easy to distort facts in whichever direction you want to distort them (especially if you use pie charts), and oftentimes they are just not that useful. But here’s … Continue reading

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