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Library App

Today cell phones with their huge capabilities are not only a communication tool, but it’s also a source of information and knowledge. With development of touch screen cell phones mobile apps are becoming spread and highly usable. People install apps to have an easy and quick access to information they need. Thereby libraries start to develop their own apps to provide a new experience to their clinets.
    The District of Columbia Public Library is the first library that launched free library iPhone app in Nation. It provides a quick library resources search for books and materials with reviews and summaries. Users can get information on working hours, locations and maps for all D.C. public libraries anytime. Moreover, it allows an online reservation for books and library materials for pick up. This great app allows more interaction for mobile app users. People want to use apps because it is something fresh, new and innovative.



However, university libraries have developed their own libraries for students to provide them better services. Cornell University is a good example for that. Their app allows to search the library catalog and books, get information on library hours, manage your own library account and ask questions of Cornell librarians.
    Today, apps are highly used and easy to develop. May be we will see Indiana University Library app in the near future with cool features that will have the highest downloads.



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