DUX’s Favorite Resources

Have you ever wondered how DUX stays up to date on technology, libraries, user experience, and more? Wonder no more, loyal reader! We’ve added a new resource page chock full of our favorite sources for staying informed (and entertained). Whether you’re a blog aficionado, a Twitter fanatic, or a journal enthusiast, there’s a resource here for you.

Our Favorite Resources

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Author- Anne Haines

Web Content Specialist in the Discovery & User Experience Department, IU Libraries. I've spoken at events including edUi, Confab Central, Confab Higher Ed, IOLUG, ILF, the IU Libraries' Digital Library Brown Bag series, and the Libraries' In-House Institute. You can find me hanging out at the intersection of content strategy and librarianship, singing a doo-wop song under the streetlight. Follow me on Twitter: @annehaines