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Discovery & User Experience

My Favorite App: DoubleMap

I will fully admit that I am somewhat of a technology junky. I love to try new gadgets but can’t always afford them. So instead I like to try out apps on my IPhone, most of the time I find one I like for a few days or weeks and then forget about it. But every once in a while I hit that gold mine, that perfect app that changes my life and just makes everything easier.

For me Double Map is one of those apps I could not live without. It is also free which makes it an even bigger bonus. As a graduate student who lives on campus, does not have a car, and depends on the bus system Double Map makes my life so much easier.

This app is a real-time GPS bus tracking service based out of Bloomington, Indiana. It includes real-time bus updates, an easy-to-use website for riders, cross-platform mobile apps, an in-bus GPS tracking system. DoubleMap is currently being used by students at over a dozen institutions and more locations are coming.

Once you turn it on it tells you your locations with a small blue dot and shows you the closest bus stops and the different bus routes that go to that stop. It also shows you where the bus are in real time.

Photo of Bus Routes

You can also click on a bus stop to see when the next bus will arrive. Just select the route you want to view.

List of times the bus will arrive

Or you can filter down to  a particular bus route to just get the information for that route.

Bus Route Options

DoubleMap saves me time, makes using the bus a snap, and is also techy. All in all it’s a win win situation for me. It is available for both the Android and the iPhone and can be found in the Android Market and iPhone App Store.

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