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A Duck by Any Other Name …

Well, friends, we have some big news. Our department has a new name: Discovery and Research Services.

What does it mean for you? On a day to day level, probably not a lot. You can call us DRS (pronounced “doctors”) and we will be happy to prescribe tonics for what ails your websites just as we always have. Our bedside desk-side manner will be just as caring as ever as we (figuratively) bathe your (metaphorically) fevered brow while you bravely edit your content. We will crusade against ROT as we always have, in the noble spirit of “Do No Harm … To Your Patrons’ Brains.” Only now we can have truly illegible handwriting and maybe, if we get lucky, even manage to start going to conferences in warm places in the dead of winter. Wait a minute, we’re still librarians – we go to places like Philly and Boston and Chicago in January! Nevermind about that last thing then.

They* say that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, so we here in the Department Formerly Known as DUX hope the same thing is true for, well, the Department Formerly Known as DUX. Unfortunately the announcement of this change came just a few days too late to be exactly twenty years after Prince changed his name to the Artist Formerly Known as Prince on June 7, 1993 – before he changed it back to Prince again, that is – so we decided not to bother with all that symbol-only awkwardness.

We did take a new department picture though:

Bat duck, grad duck and Doc duck

Bat duck, grad duck and Doc duck | SheepPurple/flickr

We’ll leave it to you to decide which is me, which is Mary and which Anne.**

Our name may have changed, but as you can see from this slightly coo-coo post, we are still the same word nerds we ever have been, and we are still here to help you Make Things Better one web page and catalog record at a time. Only now we will not only be working with all of you but also with the help of our colleagues in the newly formed User Experience & Digital Media Services department to achieve our main goal – to put users first.

*By they, I mean the possible multiple Shakespeares as purported by the Anti-Stratfordians – and naturally the best and only place to refer you for more information on a literary conspiracy theory is Wikipedia.

** That might vary on a day-to-day basis.

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