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We Contain Multitudes: A Song of our Anne

Breaking News: our very own Anne Haines was recently featured in Librarian As Poet / Poet As Librarian, the latest post on the widely-read library blog In The Library with the Lead Pipe.

That’s right! After all, what is a poet if not a content strategist? 😉

If you’d like to read more on our celebrated multihyphenate, I invite you to contemplate her epic journey through librarianship as chronicled in this 2011 profile penned by former GA Sara O’Donnell, or catch her on twitter.

Librarian Poetry Thoughts, by Sarah Barker.

Librarian Poetry Thoughts, by Sarah Barker. [N.B. In honor of this post, I share this CC licensed photo retrieved with a Flickr search of ‘librarian poet.’]

1 Comment

  • Anne Haines says:

    As an interesting (and happy) side note, one of the members of the Editorial Board for In the Library with the Lead Pipe – and, in fact, one of the founders of the blog – is Emily Ford, who began her illustrious librarian career right here in DRS as a graduate assistant. (Although we weren’t DRS then… I think we might have been the Online Services Department at the time?)

    We grow ’em smart here in DRS/DUX/Online Services/whatever we will be two years from now! 🙂

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