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The Faces of DRS presents : Rachael Cohen

The Discovery and Research Services (DRS) department is the new kid on the block in the Wells Library, so we’re pretty keen to show everyone who we are and what we do. The Faces of DRS (formerly DUX), reDUX’s recurring feature, is intended to do just that. Each post will introduce one department member to give the readers some insight into what the department is all about and how we fit into library world. So without further ado, let’s find out what makes DRS tick!
Rachael Cohen, Digital User Experience Librarian

Rachael Cohen
Digital User Experience Librarian

Rachael Cohen is the Digital User Experience Librarian, which is a brand new position here in Discovery and Research Services. A Minnesota native, Rachael was first trained in the arts of educational media and technology combined with computer science and information systems.  This gave her both the technical skills and foundational experience in public services that would guide her towards her epic journey into Library Land.

Her greatest adventures in discovery-swordsmanship training first took place in the mystical realm of the Wells Library, where she met many of the wisest library wizards, elves, and catladies. An MLS/MIS student of the-then School of Library and Information Science at IU, Rachael tailored her graduate school experience to engage in a variety of practical applications of patron-focused academic librarianship. From serving as a gateway of knowledge for library visitors as a reference assistant, instruction assistant, and cataloger, to supporting manuscript preparation and running an RPS library, Rachael bridged all of these experiences when she joined our formally-named Digital User Experience department to help develop the new IUCAT and OneSearch@IU. She was perfect for this thanks to her keen ability to translate techspeak into a patron-driven design and implementation.

Then, she graduated from SLIS, and was swept away to the land of bitter cold Grand Forks. For a year, Rachael operated the Grand Forks Air Force Base Library as the Library Director. Not only did she do everything under the sun as collection manager, instructor, technology specialist, marketing and outreach extraordinaire, Rachael also commanded the troops for transforming the library into an information commons. Working with military personnel, she faced the challenge of learning a new language and set of sensibilities, which has helped prepare her for future battles.

In January, Rachael came back home to Indiana University. Now, along with her tech-wizardstaff, she wields a sharp(ened) sword that is forged with the magic of discovery to slay (troubleshoot) any enemy (problem) to ensure the digital livelihood of library patrons. We couldn’t be happier for Return of the Rachael at DRS, especially as we endure through the Age of Web Migration.

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