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New databases for May

The following list represents new subscription databases added to the Resource Gateway from May 1-30 (and some for which the vendor has changed). You may wish to add one or more of these to your subject pages. If you have questions about a particular resource, please consult its “About” file to find contact information for the resource advocate. New databases will be posted to reDUX at the end of each month.

NOTE: While both the new and legacy websites are running in parallel, we will provide database links for both entry points. The first link (with countResources.php in it) comes from the legacy website; the second comes from the new site. If you have questions, please contact Anne, Courtney, or Rachael in DRS.

The Arabidopsis information resource.

Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collections Series 1


China Statistical Yearbooks Database-English

China Statistical Yearbooks Database-Simplified Chinese

The Latino-Hispanic American Experience: Leaders

Oxford Journals Online Archive-Medicine

Oxford Journals Online Current-Medicine

PhilPapers: Philosophical Research Online

Sovetskaia Kul’tura Digital Archive

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