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Discovery & User Experience

WeaveUX, issue 1: it’s here!

We’ve (weave? sorry…) been eagerly awaiting the first issue of WeaveUX: The Journal of Library User Experience around these parts, so we were pretty pumped to see it drop this morning.

What’s it all about? Well, to quote from their About page:

As the importance of digital services begins to rival that of collections, library user experience is taking a more central role than ever. While new jobs are being created for User Experience librarians and some departments are being renamed “User Experience” teams, there is still no comprehensive, rigorous publication for library UX professionals to share with and learn from their colleagues. Weave is intended to fill that gap. Weave helps practitioners and theorists come together to make libraries better.

Good deal. In this first issue, there are peer reviewed articles, there are essays and how-tos, an interview (um, with me …) and there’s even a ‘tweetposium’ generated using Storify. Check it out!

I’m honored to serve on the editorial board for this new venture and I’m grateful to be part of the first issue, but even more, I’m excited to see what insights and ideas will be shared via this fantastic new publication, now and in future.

Cheers to editors Matthew Reidsma, Kyle Felker and Pete Coco on launching the first issue.

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