New Querying Enhancements Coming Soon

Some exciting enhancements are coming to the CADRE platform.

As with all of CADRE’s offerings, the new capabilities are the result of requests from researchers and partner institutions. We ensure CADRE meets the needs of users by refining the platform in response to requests for new features and datasets.

On February 18, the GUI query builder will start returning institutional addresses as a column in the query output.

Researchers who want to study institutional collaborations, for example, will want to take advantage of the new querying feature.

And as we discussed in a previous post, administrators can also use the enhancement to add value to their universities’ research output by filtering for their own researchers’ publications in selected journals. Administrators can then create an institutional publishing profile showing where their researchers’ work was published and whether the journal was open access, subscription based, or hybrid.

In one case, a university linked the publishing profile to publicly available reports about publisher price lists to create a report on the article processing charges (APCs) spent in proportion to the institution’s research output published in different venues, helping the university better evaluate contract renewals and APC discount programs.

More to come

On March 5, CADRE will add to its querying capabilities by giving users the option to choose the citing direction of the network query. While researchers can currently query datasets for papers that cite their search results, the new enhancement will allow users to query for papers that are in the reference list of search results.

Both querying enhancements will be available for Web of Science and Microsoft Academic Graph datasets.

What’s next

Next up, CADRE will add its Digital Object Identifier (DOI) functionality to the platform, allowing permanent and temporary DOIs to be allocated to users’ packages. Stay tuned for a future blog post or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about this upcoming enhancement and when it will go live.

CADRE will also finish adding the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office data to the Gateway for easy querying this spring–and there will be more to come. CADRE is still in beta and we’re continuing to perfect all of its promised capabilities, but we want to hear from you. What features and datasets do you want to see in CADRE?

You can access all of these enhancements as they become available on the CADRE platform. If you’re not a current partner and you want to take advantage of everything CADRE has to offer, including the enhancements for querying the Web of Science dataset, sign up for a CADRE trial.

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