CADRE executes beta launch, invites institutions to trial platform

Oct. 21, 2020
The Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment (CADRE) began rolling out the beta version of its platform today and invites institutions to access CADRE through a free trial period. Users will have full access to all aspects of the release by Friday, Oct. 23.

Illustration. The CADRE logo: a blue owl.

CADRE’s cloud-based platform provides sustainable, affordable, and standardized text- and data-mining services for licensed big datasets, as well as open and non-consumptive datasets too large or unwieldy to work with in existing research library environments. CADRE is currently seeded with the Web of Science (paid tier), Microsoft Academic Graph, and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office data (available in raw format or in a relational database).

CADRE is led by Indiana University Libraries, in partnership with the Indiana University Network Science Institute and the Big Ten Academic Alliance, and supported by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences.

Features of beta release

CADRE’s Beta Release (1.0.0-Beta) provides a stable version of the platform with new and updated functionality, including:

  • Publication and sharing functionality: publish and share packages, tools, and data archives with other users in the Marketplace
  • Graph query engine: access data through a graph database with simplified access to query results and an improved “Job Status” page; take advantage of CADRE’s high-quality, standardized version of the most recent Web of Science data (covering 1900 through 2019) and Microsoft Academic Graph (February 14, 2020 release)
  • User profiles: create a profile you can return to each time you log in; users can now expect their data to persist through the beta launch and all future versions of the platform
  • User interface enhancements: find extensive accessibility and user experience updates throughout the platform
  • User analytics: administrators can receive comprehensive reports on institutional usage of CADRE
  • Bug fixes

In addition to these updates, CADRE now offers a three-month, no-cost trial period for institutions interested in trying the platform. Trial users will access the latest features and CADRE’s version of the Web of Science if the users already have institutional access to the dataset.

We will provide a walkthrough of the changes accompanying the beta launch and more information on how to take part in a CADRE trial in a brief tour on Oct. 26 at 2 p.m. ET. Register now to attend.

Anyone is still welcome to use CADRE and access the open Microsoft Academic Graph dataset, while our sponsoring partners can access the Web of Science dataset. Start working on the newest version of CADRE today.

CADRE Partnerships

This project is funded with IMLS award LG-70-18-0202 and is additionally supported by a unique group of cross-industry partners. CADRE’s core leadership team includes CADRE Director Jaci Wilkinson (Indiana University Libraries) and CADRE Co-Directors Jamie V. Wittenberg (University of Colorado Boulder), Patricia L. Mabry (HealthPartners Institute), Valentin Pentchev (Indiana University Network Science Institute), Xiaoran Yan (Indiana University Network Science Institute), and Robert Van Rennes (Big Ten Academic Alliance).

CADRE partner institutions include:

  • Midwest Big Data Hub
  • South Big Data Hub
  • West Big Data Hub
  • Microsoft Research
  • Web of Science Group
  • Michigan State University Libraries
  • Ohio State University Libraries
  • Penn State University Libraries
  • Purdue University Libraries
  • Rutgers University Libraries
  • University of Iowa Libraries
  • University of Maryland Libraries
  • University of Michigan Libraries
  • University of Minnesota Libraries


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