CADRE Publishes Article in Frontiers in Big Data

Nov. 20, 2020
The Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment (CADRE) today published a paper in Frontiers in Big Data.

The article, called “CADRE: A Collaborative, Cloud-Based Solution for Big Bibliographic Data Research in Academic Libraries,” describes how CADRE helps libraries overcome the significant monetary and technical challenges of hosting big bibliographic datasets and empowers researchers to work with such data.

Illustration. An image of a five-pillar structure with the words: Community, Access, Data-Centric, Reproducibility, and Empowerment written across each pillar.

The authors discuss CADRE’s cloud-based solution through the five pillars the project is built upon:

  • Community: a community of libraries and industry partners who support and maintain the platform and a community of researchers who use it
  • Access: the sharing platform should be accessible and affordable to both proprietary data customers and the general public
  • Data-Centric: the platform is optimized for efficient and high-quality bibliographic data services, satisfying diverse data needs
  • Reproducibility: the platform should be designed to foster and encourage reproducible research
  • Empowerment: the platform should empower researchers to perform big data analytics on the hosted datasets

Read the article in Frontiers in Big Data.