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Introducing the CADRE in 5 video series

Check out the first video of “CADRE in 5,” our new series of short videos that explore CADRE in five minutes or less.

This first video, “What is CADRE?,” introduces CADRE and talks about the five pillars that structure our project’s mission: Community, Access, being Data-Centric, Reproducibility, and Empowerment.

Come back for more “CADRE in 5” videos in early spring 2022! These will include:

  • How is CADRE different from other available citation databases?
  • Who uses CADRE?
  • What is the reproducibility crisis?
  • Microsoft Academic Graph is going away—how is CADRE responding?
  • Will we add additional datasets to CADRE?

The CADRE in 5 videos will be housed in this YouTube playlist where you can access all of them in sequence.