Give a Little…

With the recent disaster in Japan, charitable giving is at the forefront of many people’s minds. As summer rapidly approaches, it’s a good time to consider opportunities to spend your summer giving back to those in need.

The Herman B Wells Library has a number of books that can give you some ideas on volunteering.

Worldwide Volunteering by Roger Potter provides a number of volunteer opportunities that can be completed within a predetermined period of time.

World Volunteers by Fabio Ausenda focuses on humanitarian volunteering opportunities around the world, offering insight on how to pick a program suited to your interests, age, and time availability.

How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas is an authoritative guidebook written by three founders of volunteer organizations and provides guidance on achieving the goal of volunteering abroad.

The Peace Corps is a well-known and respected volunteer organization. As most people know, the application process is rigorous and many more people apply than are chosen. Paul Backhurst here provides you with some alternatives to the Peace Corps, tips on choosing a program, and budgeting, as well as an extensive resource section.

International Voluntary Work is a comprehensive listing of thousands of volunteer programs worldwide that vary in time commitment as well as type of work.

If your interests are more specific, check out Archaeo-volunteers, which will give you information on archaeological volunteer opportunities.

Not able to travel abroad but still want to help out? Check out the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network, which provides links to opportunities in a variety of categories in and around Bloomington.

Additionally, IU has its own page of community volunteer opportunities available for browsing.

So take some time and give a little this summer!