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Expand your library horizons!

The end of the year is nigh…and there are so many campus libraries left to explore! The Kinsey Institute Library may be a sexy draw, but a lesser-known gem is the library at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy … Continue reading

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What’s Cooking?

As the semester begins to wind to a close, you may find yourself wistfully dreaming of the upcoming summer break. This year, why not use some of your time off to pick up a new hobby? Television programs, websites, and blogs have … Continue reading

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Weathering April Showers!

Tired of walking halfway to class and getting caught in a downpour? Want to understand why Indiana weather can’t make up its mind? Maybe even impress your friends with the dead-eye accuracy of a meteorologist? Or are you just interested in weather and climatology? … Continue reading

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Breaking Away with Local History!

Bicycles and quarries! How better to sum up Bloomington, Indiana? Check out a trailer for the movie here. As affiliates of Indiana University, and citizens of Bloomington, it is my humble opinion that we have an obligation to watch the movie Breaking Away. … Continue reading

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