Election Season is upon us!

The election season has started and it’s time again to start thinking about all of those political issues that we normally try to forget. Voting can be a daunting task for people, especially first-time voters. There’s no need to stress, though. There are a lot of impartial resources available for people to use in order to make an informed decision. Whether you are voting for the congressional or the presidential election, there is a resource that can give you information on the nominees. One of the best websites available is run by Project Vote Smart. It lists all of the major issues that are being discussed, and all you have to do to find the candidate that best matches your viewpoint is go through the list and enter your positions.
 It’s also fun because you get to watch the candidates move around in position as you enter in your information. The candidate at the front after you have entered your position in every slot is your political solemate. If you are interested in using this resource for the congressional elections, it also provides information on all of those candidates.

If you would also like to use a more traditional source of information, NPR or National Public Radio is a great provider that is politically impartial.  If these resources feel a little to stuffy though for your taste, you can always visit the HeadCount Organization Website. HeadCount is an unbiased grassroots organization that focuses solely on utilizing music to get people to vote.  Volunteers go to concerts and music festivals and help people sign up to vote. The website also provides information on a variety of issues.

Who you vote for isn’t important to us. Making sure that you make an informed choice and that you get out and vote is what we care about.
Here are important dates to mark on your 2012 calendar for the upcoming Presidential Election:

      January 12-Republican debate in Iowa
      January 30 – Republican debate in Iowa
      February 6 – Iowa caucuses, first contest in presidential nominating race
      February 14 – New Hampshire primary
      February 18 – Nevada caucuses
      February 28 – South Carolina primary
      March 6 – “Super Tuesday” primaries in 14 states
      August 27-30 – Republican convention in Tampa
      September 3-6 – Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina
      November 6 – Election Day

Happy voting!