Remember to Breathe

Midterms are already here! I know that we are all panicking as we realize papers are due, tests are tomorrow, and that project still hasn’t started itself. However, it’s important to stay calm and remember that help is always available. IU-Bloomington Libraries provide many resources that can help students begin their own research. A good place to start can be the libraries’ class page listings. Class pages provide a list of resources that are appropriate for the research required in the class and are excellent resources for new researchers in a discipline.

If there is not a class page for your particular course, you can contact your Subject Librarian or a Reference Librarian at Ask a Librarian. Both of these services will help students locate databases that contain relevant information and direct them to other available resources.

If you still need help with the final project, then you are in luck because IU-Bloomington Libraries partnered with Writing Tutorial Services (WTS) on campus so that students have access to as many services as possible while in the library. WTS will help students expand on their research topic and discuss possible writing strategies. This is a great service for people experiencing writer’s block.
Try not to stress out too much during this trying time. Stay focused by committing to a plan and utilizing the resources that are available to you. And don’t forget to Ask A Librarian if you need help!