On Nurturing Creativity

The Creative ProcessAs we approach the middle of the semester, many of us are in the throes of research projects, papers, whathaveyou, with ever looming deadlines. Even those who find that the creative process comes naturally to them hit mental brick walls. Overcoming this roadblock remains an eternal human question: how do you foster inspiration and creativity?

The experts will tell you that, most often, good ideas manifest from collisions of many small, half ideas, that finally culminate with the inspiration of things we read, people we’ve talked with, or random and serendipitous mental synthesis.

Good ideas and connections also formulate when the brain has had a chance to think subconsciously. In other words, you’ve given yourself opportunities to not think about something, at least for a little while. Distraction, in moderation anyhow, can be beneficial. Positive daydreaming and sleep allow for the best subconscious thinking.

Lastly, train your brain to foster creativity by having specific environments for specific tasks. Writing a paper? As often as possible work in the same place, like your desk. Getting a Tumblr or Facebook fix? Step away from your workspace. That way, your brain associates certain spaces with “This is where we create marvelous things.”

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– Nickoal Eichmann