Scholars’ Commons is Underway!

Construction at the Herman B Wells Library is finally underway! You may have noticed that since the beginning of the semester, the first floor of the East Tower has been stripped down to just about nothing. This has been in preparation for the new Scholars’ Commons renovation project, which is set to be completed in July.


It’s no secret that the Wells Library is a vast place that can be very overwhelming at times—with or without construction! While construction is happening on the first floor of the East Tower, here are a few things that can help make navigating the library easier:

• A few public computers have been moved into the Reference Reading Room (located on the first floor of the East Tower). Two scanners, a public printer, and two IUCAT express workstations have also been moved there.
• Copy machines are not located on the second floor of the East Tower.
• The current periodicals and the library’s reference collection will remain in the Reference Reading Room.
• During construction there will be a small circulation desk near the entrance. The circulation desk on the second floor of the East Tower will still continue to serve library users, as well.

For more information about the Scholars’ Commons renovation, check out this library webpage and don’t forget to follow the Wells Library on Facebook and Twitter!

-Keila DuBois