What’s Happening To Women’s Happiness?

Author Marcus Buckingham writes in a post about social indicators that indicate women are less happy. “Wherever researchers have been able to collect reliable data on happiness, the finding is always the same: greater educational, political, and employment opportunities have corresponded to decreases in life happiness for women, as compared to men.” 

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Average happiness index value for the period 1972-2006. Source: Based on responses to question 157 of the General Social Surveys

Is there a town called Bedford Falls in the U.S.?

The movie It’s a Wonderful Life takes place in a town called Bedford Falls. Is there such a place? The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)  contains information about physical and cultural geographic features of all types in the United States, associated areas, and Antarctica, current and historical, but not including roads and highways. The database holds the Federally recognized name of each feature and defines the feature location by state, county, USGS topographic map, and geographic coordinates. Other attributes include names or spellings other than the official name, feature designations, feature classification, historical and descriptive information, and for some categories the geometric boundaries.

Search: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/

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