Sustainability Themester | Big World, Big Library, Big Resources

This photograph was taken by an astronaut in the International Space Station, and shows thunderstorms in Brazil. Image Credit: NASA website for the Earth Observatory (

Many people have seen An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s film on global warming, and societies around the world are recognizing that the planet’s future depends upon actions taken today. To help the IU Bloomington community understand these issues on a deeper level, the University’s Themester is a transdisciplinary approach to the issue of sustainability. To help people find resources on this topic, one of the Reference Librarians (Nels Gunderson) has created a webpage devoted to researching “the practices, concepts, and issues associated with environmental sustainability including waste recycling, the conservation of water and energy resources, alternative forms of transportation, and the wise use of natural resources.” This webpage compiles in one helpful location online databases, books, articles, and websites devoted to sustainability issues.

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