Decide how CADRE advances your research with User Stories

Research needs are varied and dynamic. While CADRE can ease the many technical and financial obstacles researchers face when working with large data resources, our platform also has the flexibility to fit more specific research needs. To better understand those needs, we collect User Stories.

Whether you are an academic researcher, librarian, or technical provider, CADRE’s ongoing call for User Stories allows you to tell us what you want from CADRE.

Maybe you are a researcher who requires the CADRE platform to apply multiple graph visualization tools, such as Gephi or VoS, to the same query result so you can explore your data more easily.  

Or you might be a researcher with multiple affiliations, who wants to ensure the code you store in your repository will live in a cloud and not become lost if you change affiliations.

Perhaps you like that CADRE allows you to save space by running queries on the cloud server, but you also want the ability to download data locally to share findings with outside collaborators.

Then tell us—the CADRE team took each of the stories above into serious consideration when we began developing our platform.

User Stories give insight into the functionality requirements of different types of researchers, which will help us build a platform that better suits the needs of every researcher who uses CADRE. Any request ranging from specific interface design elements to a general computational environment will assist in our future development decisions.

How to submit stories

An example of text box questions that include the questions, "What type of user are you?" and "What features or functionality would you like to see?".
CADRE wants to hear what you need from our platform.

No user story is too trivial to share, and you can submit as many stories as you want.

Simply visit our User Story Collection page and tell us about who you are. Explain your project goals and what CADRE functionalities could help you achieve those goals.

If you are also interested in taking advantage of CADRE’s current resources and capabilities, consider applying to the CADRE Fellowship Program. The deadline for the first round of CADRE Fellows is June 25. Similar to User Stories, this fellowship will help CADRE better understand the needs of its researchers.

How will CADRE advance your research? Tell us your story today.

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