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Reference Portal

Media Services Reminders

Hi Media Services Friends! Here are some friendly reminders as we start the new semester:

  • While Monique is out of town, please read through incoming streaming requests carefully. For streaming requests wanted before 9/1, please check all of our available streaming platforms to see if the requested films are already available for use by instructors. This includes searching for a digital copy on IUCAT. If you find a link that an instructor can use, verify that it works and then contact the instructor via email using canned text in Outlook or in the desk manual. If an instructor wants a streaming request before 9/1 and we do not have a streaming version already available, please place the request in the pile behind the desk. We will not be able to digitize anything, purchase new streaming licenses, etc. until Monique returns.
  • Please remember that streaming requests and reserve requests are different and require different processes. Reserve requests entail placing a hardcopy of the film on reserve. Please read the requests carefully.
  • When looking for a film for a patron or for reserve requests, streaming, etc., please look through IUCAT carefully to see if we have a DVD onsite. Sometimes IUCAT will list ALF copies of films before DVDs we have here.

If you have any questions about these processes or anything else, please consult the desk manual or ask a colleague! We’re all here to help each other out.

Proactive Chat is Live

There is a new “floating” chat icon that appears on all Libraries’ webpages and pops up after 45 seconds. (Check it out at the bottom right of any page!) The floating chat links to the same LibAnswers queue as the chat box currently embedded on our Help page. These questions come directly to us at the reference desk. If you have any questions or patron feedback about this change, let me know!

Retiree Access to E-Resources

A final decision has not yet been made about whether retirees will retain access to the Libraries’ e-resources. Below are the latest updates regarding this issue.

Retired faculty access to the Wall Street Journal Online was restored in July, 2023.

Access to Skillport8i is restricted to current students/staff/faculty. Retirees (including emeriti) cannot set up accounts or access these resources through our subscriptions.

EZproxy has not yet been re-configured to restrict access to only current students/staff/faculty. Therefore, most of our resources are still available to off campus retirees (e.g., Herald Times Online). We will not be making any changes to this until a firm decision regarding retiree access has been made.

Updates to the Knowledge Base page about access to IU resources for retirees (to remove mention of library resources) is on hold until a final decision about retiree access has been made.

IDAH Summer Incubator

The Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities (IDAH) is hosting their Summer Incubator in the Scholars’ Commons this week and will be using several study rooms. The Digitization Lab will also be closed to the public on Friday, July 21 from 9a-5pm. If folks are looking for an alternative workspace, there are lots of rooms available in the Learning Commons and on the 3rd and 4th floors of the West Tower.

Makerspace Closed June 30-July 10

The Makerspace will be closed from Friday, June 30 to Monday, July 10. We will reopen on Tuesday, July 11 and resume our regular summer hours (Tuesday-Friday, 12-3pm). If students return equipment to the reference desk, please put it in the middle cabinet behind the desk.

For 3D printing requests, you can refer them to the Fine Arts Fabrication Lab.

Wells Library Desktop Directory!

Hi Media Services,

There is a new way to tell patrons how to get around the library! Go to the desktop (minimize open tabs) and you will find a house icon called “Wells Library Building Directory”. This is an excel file that has a sheet for every floor in the library with all the rooms. There are some sections within the sheet that specifies which tower–as both towers have floors one-five. Some cells have links with more information or reservation pages that allow you to direct the patron to the service/appointment they might need. Please take some time, especially if you are not familiar with excel, to look around and click on some things.

As always, if you have any questions, please be sure to email or chat with Kathryn, Mo, or myself.



Groups Scholars Location Info

An update from Meggan Press:

It turns out that there are two orientations for Groups Scholars students happening simultaneously in Wells through June 15:

  • LIBRARY TOUR is meeting in W144 (computer lab)
  • CAREER SERVICES is meeting in 028 (basement classroom)

We are going to try to nip the confusion in the bud by making sure that everyone lands in the correct place before the sessions start, but in case anyone comes around asking about location and saying they’re from Groups Scholars, we need further clarification about which session they are meant to be attending before we can direct them. 

Further, anyone looking for NSO will need to speak with the nice students at the high black tables inside the doors of the West Tower. That’s a completely separate group.

Discharging titles

Hi Media Services Staff,

When you retrieve titles from the East Tower, please discharge them again when you return to the desk. This ensures that the system recognizes the title as returned and that the patron is not charged. It will say “Item not charged” if it has already been discharged–disregard and shelve.

If you have further questions, please let me know.



New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (aka NSO) has officially begun! A few things to keep in mind:

  • Students and families will be wandering the building during this time. Please welcome them to the library!
  • Students should check in at the south entrance of the Learning Commons where NSO staff can answer any questions about orientation.
  • NSO runs June 6-July 20 and August 9-15; There is no in-person programming the week of June 19-23 and July 3-5
  • If parents are interested in looking at old yearbooks, they can find them in the Reference Reading Room directly to the right once you enter. Alyssa is also putting together a display in the Exhibit Space.