Little 500: Entertainers of the Past

There’s a little event going on in town this week. Yep, it’s time for Little 500 at Indiana University, for many years called the World’s Greatest College Weekend. The race was the brainchild of Howard “Howdy” Wilcox. Wilcox, Director of the IU Foundation (IUF), established the IU Student Foundation Committee in 1950 in order to raise … Continue reading “Little 500: Entertainers of the Past”

Honors H228: Archival Storytelling – Part 1

Fall 2018 the University Archives partnered with Media School professor emeritus Ron Osgood and his new Honors Course Archival Storytelling. His students spent several class sessions in the Archives researching a topic of their choice and crafting a blog post for inclusion here! Some students chose to provide overviews of collections while others dove into … Continue reading “Honors H228: Archival Storytelling – Part 1”

New at the Archives: Kathleen Cavanaugh scrapbooks 1960-1965

Over the years, the Indiana University Archives has steadily been acquiring an impressive assortment of photo albums and scrapbooks (see Catherine Ruby Force’s scrapbook, 1915-1920; the Margaret Werling scrapbook 1951-1953; and the Delmus E. Aldridge wrestling scrapbook 1929-1979, just to name a few!) Scrapbooks and other handmade memory books are a valuable part of our collections, especially … Continue reading “New at the Archives: Kathleen Cavanaugh scrapbooks 1960-1965”

Snippets from Dorm Life: The Indiana University women’s residence hall scrapbooks

In 1925 Memorial Hall Indiana University’s first owned and operated women’s dormitory opened, followed shortly thereafter by Forest Hall in 1937 (later renamed Goodbody Hall), Beech Hall in 1940 (renamed Morrison Hall in 1942 in honor of IU’s first female graduate Sarah Parke Morrison) and Sycamore Hall in 1940. Each of these residence halls making up … Continue reading “Snippets from Dorm Life: The Indiana University women’s residence hall scrapbooks”

In 1988 “The World’s Greatest College Weekend” Got Even Better

The Little 500 began in 1951 and students throughout campus were involved from the beginning. Women, however, were excluded from full participation for nearly 40 years. While they could participate in the Mini 500 trike race, women wanted an equal spotlight during “The World’s Greatest College Weekend.” In early 1980s, then-Dean of Women’s Affairs, Phyllis Klotman, … Continue reading “In 1988 “The World’s Greatest College Weekend” Got Even Better”