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Teaching with Online Streaming Films


Perfect for film assignments, streaming allows faculty and instructors to regain class time for in-depth discussions, as well as allows students to prepare in advance for class lectures, and review content for course exams.  Students can skip the inconvenience of checked out films, late returns, and limited copies on the shelf. Users can access and watch films whenever they like, wherever they are, and whatever device they prefer.


The IUB Library provides access to over 35 multi-disciplinary online streaming databases with nearly 155,000 film titles.  These films are selected to meet the diverse needs of its teaching, research, and learning community. Students can watch copyright compliant full-length feature, documentary, and archival footage films anytime at home or on campus. You can create clips, playlists, embed tools, and more.


Our Guide to Online Streaming Videos provides a comprehensive list of online streaming film resources, and related research documents. In addition to numerous area studies databases, faculty, students, and researchers can access NBC Television’s Meet the Press, The Criterion Film Collection, Education in Video, Media and Communications Studies, and Psychology Experiments Online.  Our friendly staff are available to help you search for, and implement titles in Canvas.


Kanopy provides access to over 26,000 award-winning documentaries, feature, and training films on every topic imaginable including Media Studies, Foreign Language, LBGTQ, Psychology, Politics, the Environment, and more. Includes films from the Criterion CollectionPBS, Media Education Foundation, First Run Features, New Day Films, California Newsreel and many independent filmmakers. Some popular titles include The Times of Harvey Milk, A Hard Day’s Night, Kiss Me, Hawking, Hoop Dreams, Miss Representation, Eraserhead, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and For the Bible Tells Me So.


The Films on Demand’s Master Academic Collection provides access to over 17,000 titles in various disciplines to include Anthropology, Communications, Criminal Justice & Law, English, History,  Music and Dance, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and more. Features include transcripts, playlist creation, watch lists, and more. Online streaming is an ideal place to engage with faculty, students, and filmmakers to discuss films!


SWANK Digital  is a small but growing collection of commercial and popular films (sans Disney) required for class use.  The collection consists of @ 100 titles to include: Brokeback Mountain, Chi-Raq, and Mar Adento./The Sea Inside.  Faculty may request up to three films per academic year  in support of teaching, learning, and research.

For more information contact: Media Services, Wells Library, Ground Floor near the Book[Market] Eatery. (812) 855-1650,

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  • M. Ibarra says:

    There are many ways to teach students but this is really interesting especially nowadays with emerging rise of online piracy in which copyright entities like Copyright Collections pursue infringers and release TCYK LLC Letters for the illegal activity.

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