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Blast Off! Orphans in Space: Forgotten Films from the Final Frontier

orphan films

The IUB Libraries Media Services, Life Sciences, and the William & Gayle Cook Music Library invite you to attend Orphans in Space: Forgotten Films from the Final Frontier. Join us on October 28, 5:30pm-9:00pm, Hazelbaker Lecture Hall, Room E159 in the Herman B Wells Library for an exciting evening of space exploration. What is an orphan film? An orphan film is generally a film that has been abandoned by its filmmaker, or production company. Originally born in 1999 at the University of South Carolina, the Orphan Film Symposium moved to New York University in 2006, and has since spread its global wings to include a symposium held here at Indiana University in 2013.

The Orphan Film Symposium exists to gather “scholars, archivists, media artists, curators, preservationists, librarians, collectors, distributors, documentarians, students, researchers, musicians, and others to saving, studying, and screening all manner of neglected moving image artifacts.” And just like watching an Ed Wood movie, we think you will have a blast viewing these forgotten low-budget science, and science-fiction films which include visually artistic and creative stock footage.

Houston, We Have Ignition!


5:30 – 5:40p     Meteorites (1947) Pavel Klushantsev

5:40 – 5:55p     The Big Bounce (1960) Jerry Fairbanks


5:55 – 6:03p     Chimp Recovery (1961) RCA Service Company

6:03 – 6:33p    Project Apollo (1968) Ed Emshwiller

6:33 – 6:50p    Teenage Cosmonauts (1979) Igor Rodachenko

6:50 – 6:58p     Zenith Star: Experiment in Space (1987) Martin Marieta

6:58 – 7:12p     …These Blazeing Starrs! (2011) Deborah Stratman

7:12 – 7:20       Space Break

Includes Artistic Archival Footage!


7:20 – 7:37p    A Trip to the Planets (192?) Prelinger Collection, Library of Congress

7:37 – 7:48p    Beyond the Moon (1960-62) R. E. Barnes

7:48 – 7:54p    The Flatt & Scruggs Grand Ole Opry Show (1961) Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum

7:54 – 7:59p    Carillon (Christmas) Parade (1968) USC Moving Image Research Collections

7:59 – 8:04p     Astrovac: Zero Gravity Personal Body Wash Unit (1970) Fairchild Republic

8:04 – 8:46p    Men in Orbit (1979) NYU Fales Library & Special Collections

Booklet available with filmmaker information, and synopsis.

Light snacks, and covered drinks permitted.

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