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How to Celebrate National Panic Day

As I’m sure none of you are aware, Thursday, March 9th is National Panic Day, a day devoted to embracing the underlying panic that fills many of us on a daily basis, and in celebration of the constant fear we all live in, we here at Wells Library Media Services present to you the following horror flicks, so you can at least give your fear a name…

The Amityville Horror:

Do you hate ghosts? Do you like living in peace without ghosts? Would you like to rejoice in the fact that you do live in peace without ghosts? Then this is the film for you! Yes, The Amityville Horror is the ever classic tale of the nuclear family being terrorized by a ghost who chooses the nuclear option in dealing with said family.

Horror of Dracula:

Do you like being alive? Do you occasionally enjoy the sun? Do you prefer your blood to be on the inside of your body? Would you like to rejoice in the fact that all those things are true about yourself? Then please feel welcome to enjoy the Horror of Dracula! Now you, too, can learn to appreciate the little things in life, such as being able to look in a mirror, flossing without needing stitches afterwards, enjoying the option of a diverse diet, and having your blood on the inside of your body.


The Plague:

Do you hate children? Are you over the age of twenty and currently alive? Do you have the sniffles and would prefer to live to see tomorrow? Then check out The Plague! Yes, with The Plague you can see what it would be like if children were any more evil than they already are!

Any and All Disney Films:

Finally, if you are sick of being so jittery all the time, and have heebied your last jeebie, perhaps it’s time to look into a lighter answer to your panic, and for that we turn to the wonderful world of Disney. Please, take a wander through our catalogue and find something you can enjoy, a nice bit of Disney to round out the day, putting your mind at ease, and allowing you the mental strength to rest tonight and panic again tomorrow.

Come to Media Services for these great titles, as well as thousands more, in order to rid yourself of some inevitable panic.


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