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Why You Should Come to Media Services

Everybody loves convenience and saving money where you can. If given two options, one of which allows you to save time, save money, and reduce stress while the other does the opposite, almost everybody would choose the former option. Media Services offers you the perks of living life in a happier way! Of course, the comparison being drawn here is between checking out a movie from our selection, or driving to the theater to catch a movie there. While we may not have a DVD or Blu-ray until a few months after release, you’ll be saving a lot of hassle in exchange for patience. 

        Even without a substitution for theatergoing, the process itself is still a growing pain. For one, the convenience is nonexistent: having to leave 30 minutes early to drive, park, and wait in line for tickets proves to be a hassle. On top of that, you have the possibility of sell-outs or bad seating. Then, you are forced to sit through 17-23 minutes of trailers (if you go to AMC 11 or 12), and then leave in traffic through the painful stoplights. If that’s not bad enough, the price of the movie going experience keeps rising as if they are trying to keep movie fans away. On an average night, you’ll spend between 8 and 10 bucks just to get in the door, more for 3D or other gimmicks, and even more for food since you can’t bring your own. On a date paid for by one person, it’s 20 for entry and 20 for food and that’s just for a 2 hour experience.

        Once you manage to get your seat, it’s always a gamble on how the patrons around you will act. The environment of the theater is created by the people around you. While these patrons don’t create uncomfortable temperatures, dirty seats, small armrests that make elbow encounters awkward between strangers, they’re still responsible for the talking, texting, moving, and other distracting habits. Sure, you can politely ask the person to cease their distracting, but then you also become a person who disrupts the peaceful environment that the people around you paid 40 bucks for. You could tell a manager, but then you miss part of the movie and surrender a greater amount of enjoyment than just putting up with the annoying patron.

But what does the movie theater have to do with Wells Media Services?

Well…all of the aforementioned problematic gambles that you must take when going to a theater are nonexistent when you watch a movie from our collection! Not only are checkouts free, but you’re able to watch the movie in whatever environment you’re most comfortable in. Comfort, convenience, and contentment are almost guarantees when you’re able to watch a movie at home. You get to eat your own food, order delivery, or get candy from Village Pantry and pig out on your own bed. If a movie is coming out in theaters, you can request that we pre-order the DVD or Blu-ray so that it’s here just a few months later. Not only saving you time, money, and hassles but rewarding your patience by allowing you to have the best possible experience with the movies that you know you’ll love. For every movie you skip out on in theaters, consider that 20 more bucks in your own pocket to spend on other things, like student loans, rent, or insurance of various colors.

        With thousands of other movie options in our collection, and the ability to see what we have on IUCAT.IU.EDU to save you a trip, the perks of browsing our many titles far outweighs many other places to rent movies. You can check out a title from our Browsing collection for seven days, with the option to renew for another seven.  Almost all patrons forget about the Teaching and Research collection located behind the front desk. Although the loan period for those titles is only three days, don’t hesitate to ask because there is a variety of genres to choose from! But not only do we have movies…you can check out video game consoles such as PlayStation (all of them, 1-4), Xbox (Original, 360, and One), Wii, Nintendo, Sega, etc., as well as hundreds of games on each console, audio books, board games, tv shows, anime, documentaries, and much more! All in all, Media Services offers you almost anything you need to be entertained and relieve the stress that college classes can sometimes offer.

        So don’t hesitate when you’re feeling bored, a trip to Media Services can strike your chord.


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