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Media Services: shelving documentaries

As a reminder, documentaries are shelved by LC call number and not alphabetically by title. If you need a refresher on LC call numbers, our training modules (found in the bookmarks bar) has some great resources.

Here is an examples of the correct shelving of a documentary in our collection (notice that because 637 is less than 2038, it is shelved first)


Media Services: want additional training or need help?

With the changes in staff and schedules, not everyone has gotten a chance to really go through training in the Media Services department. Because of this, we are encouraging our staff to review our training modules and the Media Services Desk Manual (both can be found in our bookmarks bar).

If you were hired during Fall semester 2022 or Spring semester 2023, we are asking you to complete the Library of Congress call number tutorial from our training modules:

If you would like additional training or just have any questions, feel free to contact Kathryn E. ( and Liz S. ( through email. We both would love to help in any ways possible!

3rd Floor, West Tower Rooms Unavailable

1/23 Update: They are continuing to replace the smoke detectors on the 3rd and 4th floors for the next couple weeks. I will update LibCal each morning to reflect which rooms are available. Please continue to post the schedules as needed.

All of the study rooms on the 3rd Floor of the West Tower are currently unavailable while they are replacing the smoke detectors. Existing reservations have been cancelled and these rooms are currently not bookable on the website. There are still lots of available rooms in the Learning Commons and Scholars’ Commons so please help any students who need an alternative space. If anyone is extra grumpy about this, you can send them my way!

Media Services: Black Film Center & Archive Film Series

Heads up. Beginning January 20, we will continue our collaboration with the BFC&A to showcase their films on the big screen every third Friday of every month. The screenings will take place all day with an intermittent showing of their image with QR code. Monique will have the DVDs in her possession. The closing shift can place the DVDs on the HOLD shelf for pick up from a BFC&A member. Let me know if you have questions. –mt

Media Services: IUMIA Film Screening this Saturday

Repost from Rachael Stoeltje, MIA Director:

I wanted to let you know that we are holding a screening this Saturday for a public event teaming up with the NAACP to screen Summer of Soul.

I scheduled the event to time with the closing of the space but I wanted to let you know in case people linger. I will of course be here and can close up the place and will encourage people to leave after the screening but I wanted to let you know—and also so you could let the person at the desk know that we have this going on… and the event is sold out… so lots of people coming.

More details are here:


Here is the tentative timing:

Doors open at 1:30

Introduction of the film and panel 1:50

Film shown: 2:00-4:00

Panel discussion 4:10

Audience questions and comments 4:40

Event ends at 4:55

Audrey McCluskey, IU Professor Emerita of African American and African Diaspora Studies and former Director of the IU Black Film Center & Archive, has agreed to lead a panel discussion.  “Brother William” Morris, host of WFIU’s SoulKitchen radio show, has agreed to join the panel.  I think it would be interesting to have a current IU student with an interest in the history of Soul Music participate.  I’m hoping that Aissatou and Semhar will recruit the student, if they think it is a good idea.  I will make sure that tickets are reserved for panel members before they are made available to the public.

Anna Marie moving to new position, 1/16/23

Just a reminder that Anna Marie will be starting her new library role on Monday, January 16 and stepping back from the reference desk. This means that questions you used to send to her should now go to Edwin or Leanne. Edwin will continue on as day-to-day superviser of the desk operation, but he will be joined by Megan Vladoiu who will also be handling tickets, working with the schedule and student training, and conferring with Edwin on problems. Leanne will be responsible for the desk service overall.