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“Feast of Experimental Films #DirectedbyWomen”

women directorsMedia Services will host a buffet of experimental film shorts on Wednesday, September 2, 2015, 6-10pm, in the Wells Library, Hazelbaker Lecture Hall (Room 159).  Founded by IU Cinema staffer Barbara Ann O’Leary, the Directed by Women international film movement calls film lovers everywhere to watch as many films by women directors as possible during a 15 day ‘Worldwide Film Viewing Party’ Sept. 1 to 15.


Attendees will be treated to fascinating experimental works by local and IU alumni filmmakers to include: Barbara Ann O’Leary, Jülide Etem, Laura Ivins, Marie Ullrich, and Nzingha Kendall to name a few. Other contributing filmmakers include: Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, Barbara Hammer, Cecilia Barriga, Julie Dash, Lauren Cook, Leslie Raymond, Maureen Blackwood, Nikki Pinney and lots more! We invite you to come share in this movement.

home away from homeThanks to Festival Committee Members: Barbara Ann O’Leary (IU), Monique Threatt (IU), Nzingha Kendall (IU), Joan Hawkins (IU), Russell Sheaffer (NYU), Jeremy Harmon (IU), Laura Ivins (IU), Noelle Griffis (NYU), and Megan R. Brown (IU) for their invaluable contributions to the project.   Light snacks permitted.

Here is a tentative schedule of events. You can view most of the titles on Vimeo. Read more about the #DirectedbyWomen movement here.

Time Title of Film Filmmaker Length
6:00-6:10 Festival Introduction Barbara Ann O’Leary 10
6:11-6:15 Attention to Detail Guides the Dreamer Barbara Ann O’Leary 3.5
6:15-6:19 Ah Augusta Dayton 3.5
6:19-6:22 Inuit High Kick Alethea Arnaquq-Baril 3
6:23-6:27 Menses Barbara Hammer 4
6:27-6:42 Trickle Down Theory of Sorrow Mary Filippo 15
6:42-6:47 Point de Gaze Jodie Mack 5
6:47-7:01 Meeting Two Queens Cecilia Barriga 14
7:01-7:11 Stretch Break 10
7:11-7:16 Blue Diary Jenni Olson 5
7:16-7:18 Subjugate Serendipity and Pride Jülide Etem 2
7:18-7:21 PXXXL Lauren Cook 3
7:21-7:28 Thru the Trees Laura Ivins 7.25
7:28 – 7:30 Autumn Song Nzingha Kendall 2
7:30-8:04 Illusions Julie Dash 34
8:04-8:14 Stretch Break 10
8:14-8:23 Rife w/ Fire Leslie Raymond 8.56
8:23-8:26 Voice Tales Nikki Pinney 2.5
8:26-8:37 Home Away from Home Maureen Blackwood 11
8:37-8:42 Sonnymoon – Wild Rumpus Lauren Santoria 4.53
8:42-8:47 Disappearing France Marie Ullrich 5
8:47-8:55 Amazonia Nandini Sikand 8
8:55-9:05 Stretch Break 10
9:05-9:24 All Water Has a Perfect Memory Natalia Almada 19
9:24-9:53 Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen 29

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