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2024 Safer Together Archival Videos

IU Libraries Moving Image Archive invites YOU to create a short, compelling video using archival footage to raise awareness about alcohol misuse. Through a juried competition, awarded videos will win a prize of up to $2,000! 

In a 2023 survey of IU Bloomington students, thousands reported not drinking alcohol at all in the past month (33% of all surveyed students). And yet, of those that had reported consuming alcohol, nearly half reported binge drinking and a large majority consumed hard alcohol.  

Safer Together is a donor-funded contest from IU Libraries Moving Image Archive inviting all students on the Bloomington campus to create a short, compelling video using IU’s archival film footage. Your goal? Raise awareness about alcohol misuse. And, maybe win cash and fame for your efforts. Winning videos will be used in various IU outreach campaigns starting in Summer and Fall 2024. Looks pretty good on a resume too. Submit your video by March 22, 2024.

Check out the following 30 films and remix, reuse, re-edit them into something new, exciting, and informative! Did we mention winners receive a prize of up to $2,000!?

Note: To download videos below, please make sure you are signed in to your IU email account.

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