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Social Guidance Sunday is Back for a Special Summer Edition! See it at 8pm on July 10th at the Bishop Bar in Bloomington.

You'll feel you're on flying on a carnival ride in "Your Indiana State Fair" (1947)
You’ll feel you’re on flying on a carnival ride in “Your Indiana State Fair” (1947)

It’s summer time but that doesn’t mean a break from Social Guidance Sundays! “Too Cool for Summer School” will have you humming along to a song with Smokey the Bear, preparing your next lemonade business venture, and practicing your frisbee throwing skills. You may even want to enter your prize watermelons and farm animals into the Indiana State Fair! This special summer program visually captures all of the fun summertime activities while gently teaching you about the perils of sun damage and the need for fire safety. There are plenty of amazing feats, delicious treats, and sporting meets to entice you!

As you prepare to embark on your summer adventures, there is one big factor to prepare for — the sun! If you are going to indulge in some fun in the sun, consider our first film, Sun – Friend or Enemy? (1949, 5 min.). Getting a tan may seem appealing, but you don’t want to look like a roasted hot dog!

Captivating juxtapositions featured in "Sun - Friend or Enemy?" (1949)
Captivating juxtapositions featured in “Sun – Friend or Enemy?” (1949)

Once you’ve lathered up with sun block, you will be partially prepared to start your lemonade business. However, you will want to watch Lemonade Stand: What is Fair? (1969, 13 min.) to consider fair practices when it comes to going into business with your buddy or your brother!

A prize-winning heifer from "Your Indiana State Fair" (1947)
A prize-winning heifer from “Your Indiana State Fair” (1947)

As you may already know, it is a customary characteristic of a Hoosier to attend the Indiana State Fair. While the state fair took a break during World War II, it re-emerged in 1946 with plenty of exciting features. Your Indiana State Fair (1947, 22 min.) will make you feel like you are walking among the prize-winning farm animals, playing carnival games at the Midway, and eating cotton candy. This film is so realistic that we’ll offer a short intermission for you to go get another drink!

The program will return with a familiar face, Smokey the Bear, as well as “The Voice of RCA,” singer, actor, and writer, Vaughn Monroe. Both of these celebrities caution about protecting the forest from wildfires caused by careless behavior in A Vision in the Forest (1957, 5:20 min.).

Vaughn Monroe’s soulful singing will certainly put you in the mood for the next film, Seasons of Sexuality (1980 14 min.). This film reminds us what summer is really about: hanging out at the beach, spending time with people you love, and shedding your inhibitions (and perhaps clothes!).

This pooch catches discs with poise in "Floating Free" (1977)
This pooch catches discs with poise in “Floating Free” (1977)

On that note, we close the program with the 1977 World Frisbee Championships. What was probably a stressful competition for these frisbee players looks effortless as they gracefully throw discs across the field. Floating Free (1977, 11 min.) will put you in a summer mindset.

Program Schedule
Sun – Friend or Enemy (1949, 5 min.)
Lemonade Stand: What Is Fair? (1969, 13 min.)
Your Indiana State Fair (1947, 22 min.)
A Vision in the Forest (1957, 5:20 min.)
Seasons of Sexuality (1980, 14 min.)
Floating Free (1977, 11 min.)

For more information on this event and to let us know you’re attending please read visit our Facebook page for the event.

~Katie Lind

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