Kings and Queens: Drag History in Film

“Drag is all over the world,” sings the famous drag queen and reality television mogul RuPaul in a recent song, “Phenomenon.” While some readers might immediately know what and who I’m talking about, others might ask, what is drag? Drag is the theatrical performance of masculinity and femininity, usually with a satirical or gender-bending effect. … Continue reading “Kings and Queens: Drag History in Film”

Fun, features, and sun all summer long at Media Services!

Media Services likes to keep our readers and patrons updated with monthly celebrations happening in the U.S and around the world. If you have been to Media Services before and have had the opportunity to look around, you have probably noticed our Staff Picks shelf where we highlight films that tie in with the special … Continue reading “Fun, features, and sun all summer long at Media Services!”

That’s Gay: LGBT Representation in Cinema

Living in a culture that centers itself around entertainment and materialism, sometimes we take movies for granted. Some display affectionate love stories that seem shallow on the surface, but ultimately entwine themselves into a deeper connection with an audience that has only gone through the same story. Others appeal to people that have a certain … Continue reading “That’s Gay: LGBT Representation in Cinema”

Celebrating LGBT History Month

[Over the next few weeks, in celebration of LGBT History Month, I will be highlighting films that attempt, in at least some small part, to do justice to the varieties and diversity of queer experience] History, and its representation, is a fraught and frustrating undertaking for most who seek to engage with it, and this … Continue reading “Celebrating LGBT History Month”